Have you or a business you know fallen for any of these customer service myths? In this article, we look at what I consider to be five detrimental customer service myths that many decision makers might have heard or believe. Read more.

With more and more competition in almost every industry, communicating the traditional competitive advantages is slowly eroding (ex. “we provide great customer service”). Organizations are looking at what some are calling the new “competitive battlefield” or customer experience. Customer experience is so much more than providing exceptional customer service. What is the difference between the two? Read more

Do business people really say these things?

It is shocking what I hear businesses say to customers that reek of bad customer service. The same business will say, "We have great customer service." or "We pride ourselves on having the best customer service." Unfortunately, these businesses don't realize they actually have a problem with their staff NOT providing the kind of service the owner thinks is being provided. Read More...

What does customer service have to do with sales and marketing? EVERYTHING! Companies who provide ongoing exceptional customer service often spend half the money in marketing and attain twice the results. Additionally, properly trained salespeople who have exceptional customer service skills are more likely to close the sale. Read More...

Three weeks ago, I was at a networking event. I met some great business people and I looked forward to making some connections with some of them.

Yesterday, one of those individuals emailed me to set up a more in-depth, one-on-one meeting...kind of a get to know each other, learn more about each other's business type of meeting. I love to network almost to a fault. I love it so much, I'd rather do that than be in the office working. She emailed me to find out when we could get together. I took an honest look at my calendar, took into consideration the Labor Day weekend holiday in which I have a friend coming into town. I took a look at all my client deadlines, workload, and existing commitments. Then, I responded that the soonest I could meet would be the week of 9/11. Here is the reply she sent back to me: Read More.

You might answer the person who answers the phone, or the person who greets the customer when they come into your business. Well, it is not. It is marketing! Yes, the person or department responsible for marketing is the first line of contact responsible for providing exceptional customer service to your external customers.