"Oh, I'm sorry...Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?"

Interrupting is a bad practice, but many people have a habit of interrupting for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, knowing that you have an interrupting problem is the first step to fixing it. As an employer, if you know that your staff has an interrupting problem with each other, then they likely have a problem interrupting external customers, too. You can have a contest to make people more aware of interrupting. For example, for each employee, label a jar with their name. Cut a slit in the top of the jar lid. Get some poker or bingo chips. Instruct the staff that whenever a fellow employee interrupts another, to give the interrupting employee a chip in their jar. At the end of every week, the employee with the least amount of chips in the jar wins a small prize. Be creative and have some fun with breaking the habit of interrupting.

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