"Please take my problem seriously. I'm the one customer who cares enough to give you the opportunity to correct it and keep my business."

Statistics show that for every one complaint, 26 others remain silent (source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs). Additionally, only 4% of unhappy customers complain the rest just go away. So, when a customer calls with a problem, do not view them as an opponent. They are actually on your organization's side. They want to give your organization the opportunity to fix the problem and keep doing business with you. These complainers should be viewed as gold. They should be thanked for sharing their complaint. It is when the four-percenter complains and their problem is not taken seriously that they become very agitated, because they view sharing their complaint as a way to helping your business.

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Beth Boen

Beth Boen isĀ on a mission at The VOICE Customer Service Training - to restore the lost art of providing exceptional customer service and turn the tide on poor customer service becoming the norm! Her blogs contain tips on how to provide exceptional customer service in everything you do!

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