"Yes, I normally say, 'Your Welcome' in a loud and sarcastic manner when an employee doesn't say, 'Thank you.'"

Train your staff to say, "Thank you." Perhaps you can relate. Who hasn't gone to the grocery store and the check out clerk is unfriendly and never says, "Thank you." Some customers can become cranky and sarcastic when this happens. Of course, that makes the unfriendly clerk more unhappy. Another related pet peeve to this is the "No problem" statement. Here is an example. A customer goes to the bakery of the grocery store where they have daily fresh baked bread. Normally, there are several loaves sliced, but on this particular day there are no sliced loaves. The customer take an unsliced loaf up to the bakery counter and kindly asks the employee to slice the bread. The employee kindly obliges and brings the customer the sliced loaf back. The customer says, "Thank you." The employee says casually, "No problem." To this the customer thinks, "Well I didn't think it was a problem. Did you think it was a problem?" The "No problem" response to "thank you" has become an very casual way to say "Your welcome" or "My pleasure". Be aware that some customers are turned off with this casual response and may think it is unprofessional.

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