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You might answer the person who answers the phone, or the person who greets the customer when they come into your business. Well, it is not. It is marketing! Yes, the person or department responsible for marketing is the first line of contact responsible for providing exceptional customer service to your external customers.

Marketing's job is to generate qualified leads. How do they do this? There are many different ways to market. Consider your advertising. Advertising needs to be truthful, easy to read, and the call to action must be simple and easy to act. An example of bad customer service in advertising is the coupon that you cut out of the ad to use at a later date that does not have the business name on it. With no name of the business on the coupon, when the coupon is cut away from the ad the customer will never remember to where the coupon is. It is wasted advertising dollars. Not only that, but it is bad customer service to the business when the advertising salesperson doesn't see this flaw and communicate it to the business placing the advertising. The business who placed this ad will not get a good response on their advertising and without the results, they will not continue to advertise in that medium.

An organization's website is also be a marketing tool where exceptional customer service needs to be provided to attract customers. The website that makes it quick and easy to find the information the user needs, offers great customer service. I have a friend who is looking into the possibility of buying a modular home to put on their mountain land. Upon doing a Google search for modular home companies in Denver, her and her husband looked at each website. They wanted a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, one story, approximately 1200 square foot home. They also had a budget in mind. In addition to that they needed the dimensions of the home to be within the dimensions of the place on their land where they wanted the home placed. The majority of these websites made it so hard to do a search or find floor plans, prices, and dimensions that they left many of these websites before they found what they were looking. This is an example of the user (qualified buyer) receiving poor customer service from marketing because they could not find information they needed quickly and easily. 

Another example of good customer service on a website is the website that is mobile responsive. Mobile responsive websites make it much easier for the user to find the information they are looking on a small screen. A company who takes the care in ensuring their website is mobile responsive often is customer service focused.

Whatever type of marketing your company embarks on, make sure it provides a good customer experience. It is every departments job to provide exceptional customer service and it starts at the beginning of a relationship.

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Randi Daniels

Randi Daniels is the Owner and Art Director for 381 Design in Denver, CO. Randi has over 20 years combined experience in graphic design and web design. 381 Design specializes in branding, print and web design.

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