Common questions people ask me are usually the 5 W's and H of providing exceptional customer service (who, what, where, when, why, and how). My last blog was on what is exceptional customer service? The next several blogs will cover each topic in detail.

Where should exceptional customer service be provided? That seems like an odd question at first. But, it really isn’t. Customers need to receive exceptional customer service everywhere along the customer transaction cycle or throughout the entire customer experience.

The customer experience starts with marketing. Marketing needs to provide exceptional customer service by making sure marketing materials are understandable, websites are easy to navigate, and promises in advertisements are true. Once a customer is intrigued by marketing, they move on to the sales department.

Sales needs to provide exceptional customer service by answering phones professionally, greeting customers in-person politely and promptly, making a good first impression, asking questions and finding out what is important to the customer, and by keeping their promises with follow up and follow through. Once the product or service is sold, then someone else could be in charge of fulfillment.

Fulfillment is the customer receiving the product or service they have purchased. The product or service needs to be delivered as promised. If there is a problem with the product or service, resolution needs to be made to continue to provide exceptional customer service. Once the customer has received what they have purchased, sometimes they may have interaction with the billing department.

The representatives in a company’s billing department need to provide exceptional customer service as well. Invoices need to be easy for the customer to understand, and if a mistake happens, billing needs to be sure to not think the worst of the customer before doing all the research needed to resolve any billing issues.

In conclusion, providing exceptional customer service is important throughout the entire customer experience, be it in from how you market and sell to fulfillment and billing. The VOICE Customer Service offer customer experience mystery shopping and consulting. Contact us today for a complimentary phone consultation.

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Beth Boen is on a mission at The VOICE Customer Service Training - to restore the lost art of providing exceptional customer service and turn the tide on poor customer service becoming the norm! Her blogs contain tips on how to provide exceptional customer service in everything you do!

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