Unfortunately, most companies seeking customer service training are not the companies who really need it. They are the ones who already know the importance of maintaining and improving their excellent customer service. The people with the, “Ehhh, it’s not that important” attitude are the companies I have people tell me, “Oh, you know XYZ Company could really use your training.” Sometimes the companies who need it don’t know they need it. So, how do you know where your company stands with its customers and why should you care?

There are several ways you can measure your customer service:

  1. Customer satisfactions surveys (phone, email, or old fashion paper)
  2. Utilizing phone systems with call monitoring or recording
  3. Utilizing mystery shopper services

One of my repeat clients has customer service satisfaction tracking and measurements in place. Their latest customer satisfaction results showed a 93% approval rating. That sounds pretty good, but they want to be even better. Kudos to them for always tracking and measuring to make sure service never slides. Sometimes companies who once had exceptional customer service, relax and take for granted they will always have exceptional customer service. Many businesses have failed by taking that relaxed approach. Or, they think that because they are not hearing from customers, there is not a problem…but what they fail to realize is only 4% of unhappy customers will complain. So, why should you care?

Why exceptional customer service is important:

Just Google “customer service statistics” and you will find a plethora of information and studies that have been done that prove why providing exceptional customer service is so important.

  • 85% of consumers will pay more for a product or service if they are confident they will receive exceptional customer service.
  • The unhappy customers who don’t tell you will tell on average up to 20 more people, not including the online reach of bad reviews and social media.
  • Companies who consistently deliver exceptional customer service can often
    spend half the money in marketing and have twice the profitability as a
    company who does not.

So, what can you do to provide exceptional customer service?

  1. Get your staff the training they need.
  2. Ask for continued feedback. Let your customers know how important it is to you.
  3. When you do get negative feedback, take it seriously and fix it.
  4. Find ways to exceed their expectations. Adopt an under promise, over deliver culture so that you can regularly WOW your customer.
  5. Thank your customers regularly. Think about providing a holiday gift and/or small tokens of appreciation throughout the year.

About the author

Beth Boen

Beth Boen is on a mission at The VOICE Customer Service Training - to restore the lost art of providing exceptional customer service and turn the tide on poor customer service becoming the norm! Her blogs contain tips on how to provide exceptional customer service in everything you do!

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