Customer Service Training Workshops with a Professional Trainer

Out-of-the-Box Training

Our non-customized customer service training workshops are perfect for a small group or organization that wants a professional trainer, but has a lower training budget than larger organizations.

Customized Training

This customer service training workshop is great for companies who want the curriculum customized and tailored to a specific industry and/or position(s). We will include your scenarios and vocabulary.

Public Workshops

Periodically, within the metro Denver, Colorado area, we do public customer service training workshops. These half-day workshops consist of 10-20 attendees. Workshops are held on Wednesdays.

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The VOICE Customer Service Training is located in metro Denver, CO. We provide in-person customer service training workshops for Denver metro, Colorado, and the U.S. Additional travel fees apply outside of Denver metro.

FREE Online Demo of Our Customer Service Training

We offer a complimentary online demo of our customer service training curriculum so you can see if it is right for your organization.