Studies have shown that companies who consistently deliver exceptional customer service can spend half the money in marketing and be twice as profitable as the company who does not.

Why is this? Organizations that have this exceptional customer service from the top down and through the entire customer experience will have customers who will be the most loyal, referring customers. They will also be the loyal customers who, when something goes wrong, will tell you about it and give you the opportunity to fix it. With high customer retention and the kind of positive word-of-mouth advertising this produces, many companies have found they don’t have to spend nearly as much money chasing and churning customers.

The Voice Customer Service Training also offers:

  • Customer experience consulting - Every interaction your prospects and customers have from seeing your marketing to inquiring about your product or service and fulfillment to billing is the entire customer experience. How is your organization doing with your customers' experiences? The experts at The VOICE Customer Service Training can help you evaluate all aspects of your customers' experience.

  • Customer service script writing - By providing example phone scripts that are prepared for certain difficult to handle situations, employees can get through these calls with ease and professionalism. Phone scripts also deliver a consistent message to the customer regarding specific needs. Through working with the appropriate management staff, we develop phone scripts to fit any business.

  • Flow-charting effective phone trees - 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration because they could not talk to a real person (source: American Express Survey, 2011). As your customer service consultants, we also provide phone tree consulting.  Our process includes evaluating the current phone tree message, prioritization of the various types of calls based on available data, and providing a gap analysis and recommendations report. 

  • Developing customer service standards - we can assist in helping you come up with the performance metrics that you want your staff to be evaluated and that will help increase revenue for your organization. This is a collaborative process with The VOICE Customer Service Training founder, Beth Boen.

  • Implementing the right tracking system for your organization - we can help you evaluate whether a mystery shopping program, customer satisfaction surveys, and/or new or existing phone system is the best fit for your organization's budget and needs.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys - we can assist you in setting up email, print, and/or online customer satisfaction surveys.

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The Voice Customer Service Training is located in metro Denver, CO. We provide in-person customer service training workshops for Denver metro, Colorado, and the U.S. Additional travel fees apply outside of Denver metro.