Beth Boen - Specializing in the entire customer experience!

Beth Boen, Founder and Trainer of The Voice Customer Experience (CX) and The Voice Customer Service Training in Denver is passionate about consulting with, educating and training organizations who want to be exceptional at providing positive customer experiences that will result in long-term, loyal relationships and endless referrals. CX is more than providing exceptional customer service. However, you cannot have positive customer experiences without exceptional customer service being delivered by every department in your organization to both your internal and external customers.

Beth believes providing exceptional customer service is a lost art and as a consumer, she has found that many businesses even fall short of providing just average customer service, thus producing negative customer experiences. Beth is one of the "four-percenters" who will complain, and as you can imagine she has plenty of stories of both poor and exceptional customer service.

Beth teaches the lost art of exceptional customer service and focuses on the entire customer experience so that customers become so engaged and loyal they will want to refer to those businesses instead of spreading negative word-of-mouth advertising.

Beth has spent 30 years working in customer service, sales, marketing, and management roles in a variety of industries both as an employee and with her clients as a consultant and trainer. Her well-rounded background allows her to consult with organizations on the entire customer experience. Beth has the ability to look at an organization's marketing, sales, fulfillment, billing, retention, loyalty and customer service practices to quickly spot gaps and provide valuable advise to fix those gaps, helping organizations provide an exceptional customer experience.

Additionally, Beth is an engaging and effective customer service trainer. During Beth’s career, in whatever role she was in, Beth was the employee who the boss called upon to train the new employees. Beth, unlike most of her co-workers, enjoyed training the new hires. In the retail and newspaper industries, she went through many sales and customer service training programs, but none of them were customized to the industry she worked in. While Beth worked in the senior living industry, she went through customized customer service and sales training and was certified as a trainer. Here she got a taste of how effective customized training could be.

While in her last job as corporate marketing director, before starting her own business, she worked for a chain of newspapers in metro Denver, Colorado. She was researching the importance of customer service in retention of subscribers and advertisers. She called all the newspaper associations and asked if anyone had a customer service training program customized for newspapers. The answer was, there was none. At the same time, one of the newspaper associations had come out with an extensive readership study that indicated providing exceptional customer service was the number one imperative to grow circulation. Beth decided with her experience and 16 years in the newspaper industry working in various roles, she would go out on her own and develop a newspaper customer service training program. Once she completed that customer service training program, she expanded her training beyond the newspaper industry.

Beth has experience consulting and training in the following areas and industries:

  • call centers
  • sales departments
  • reception
  • newspaper/media
  • senior services and senior living
  • medical & dental
  • government
  • and many other industries

Beth can customize the customer service curriculum to any industry in which she believes she has the experience to make the training relevant.

100% Customer Satisfaction & Total Transparency

Beth also believes in striving for 100% customer satisfaction, so she provides a FREE online demo of exactly what is in her customer service training curriculum and how it can be customized. Total transparency is what she offers. Something else about Beth is if she doesn't believe her customer service training curriculum will meet the needs of your organization, she will let you know and try to help refer you on to a customer service trainer who may be better suited to meet your organization's needs.

Continually Improving Our Curriculum

Since 2005, Beth has made continuous improvements to her customer service training curriculum. With her sales and marketing background, she has developed a unique, participative, comprehensive, and customizable customer service training workshop that earns companies valuable word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business. Her customer service training can help call centers, sales departments, and any person who is responsible for answering the phone or interacting in person with customers and prospective customer inquiries.

Give Beth Boen a call today at 720-722-2494, or schedule a FREE online demo.

The Voice Customer Service Training is located in metro Denver, CO. We provide in-person customer service training workshops for Denver metro, Colorado, and the U.S. Additional travel fees apply outside of Denver metro.