• Ice breaker exercise
  • Ground rules
  • Class expectations
  • Course outline overview

Module 1 – Importance of exceptional customer service

To get participants engaged, it is important to start out by getting them to understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service and what could happen to a company if poor customer service is delivered.

  • Group exercise to understand the definition of exceptional customer service
  • Understand the impact of word-of-mouth advertising
  • Understand why customers stop doing business with a company
  • Understand everyone’s role in customer service
  • Investigation activity to learn the financial impact of one lost customer
  • Understand what is in it for you
  • End of module quiz

Module 2 – Who your customers are and what they expect

  • Understand who your external and internal customers are
  • Learn what your customers expect from you with every interaction
  • Learn how internal customer service affects external customer service
  • End of module quiz

Module 3 – Measuring customer service (Optional and available for customized workshops only)

  • Understand techniques to measure customer service
  • Review of mystery calls (if conducted)

Module 4 – Attitude and exceptional customer service qualities

  • Learn what it takes to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations
  • Understand how taking ownership and personal accountability puts service over the top
  • Understand what qualities and learn the skills that are needed to provide exceptional service
  • Learn how to actively listen without interrupting
  • Learn how and when to apologize and empathize
  • Understand how exceptional customer service qualities affect 1st impressions
  • Let’s practice exercise (Available for customized workshops only)
  • Learn how good personal hygiene is important when dealing with face-to-face customers
  • End of module quiz

Module 5 – Phone, voice mail, email, and texting etiquette

  • Telephone exercise
  • Learn phone etiquette rules
  • Understand how to place callers on hold properly
  • Learn the correct way to transfer calls
  • Understand the rules to taking messages
  • Learn voice mail etiquette rules
  • Mumbling exercise
  • Learn E-mail etiquette rules
  • Learn text messaging etiquette rules
  • End of module quiz

Module 6 – The customer interaction process

  • Understand the five parts of the customer interaction process
  • Learn what is included in a proper phone and in-person greeting
  • Learn how to restate, reassure and use empathy
  • Learn how to offer solutions and come to agreement
  • Learn how to close the call
  • Learn how to deal with a talkative caller
  • End of module quiz

Module 7 – Preventing and dealing with angry customers

  • Know the signs of frustration
  • Learn how to prevent angry customers by eliminating pet peeves and managing their expectations
  • Understand the hostility curve and techniques to calm down an angry customer
  • Learn how to deliver bad news
  • Learn what to say to the verbally abusive customer
  • Understand when to escalate a call
  • Learn how to manage complainers in groups
  • End of module quiz

Conclusion and evaluation

  • Self-improvement plan
  • Complete evaluation form
  • Receive certificate of completion (available for customized workshops only)

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