We offer two types of on-site customer service training programs:

Non-customized, out-of-the-box training (only minor edits to the curriculum)
Fully customized training (tailored to your scenarios and vocabulary)

Our process involves the following:

  1. We provide an initial complimentary phone consultation and FREE online demo to see if your organization’s customer service training needs are a good match for our training curriculum and industry experience. We also discuss if our out-of-the-box customer service training program or customized customer service training program is best for your organization’s needs.

  2. We can provide a no-obligation hold date for training. That date will be held 30 days without a deposit or until another organization books that date with a deposit (whichever comes first).

  3. If we believe our training is a good match and your organization desires a formal estimate, we send our estimate within one business day. Once our estimate is accepted and signed, an invoice for a 50% deposit is emailed and is due net 10. A deposit secures your training date and is non-refundable once training files are emailed to the client for approval.

  4. Once the estimate is signed and accepted and depending on the program selected (out-of-the-box or custom) we will schedule a phone or in-person meeting with key management (as determined by the client) to further discuss current customer service processes, strengths, challenges, and training needs. A review of the training outline is conducted to determine what edits or customization is needed to the training curriculum.

  5. For customized training, we have an optional anonymous survey that can be sent to the participants asking them what training they would like to receive. It also asks participants to rate themselves in various customer service competencies. Additionally, if desired, mystery shopper evaluations can be done prior to the training.

  6. The training curriculum is then edited or customized (depending on program purchased). A proof copy of the PowerPoint Show is sent to the client via email for their review. A phone meeting is scheduled to discuss any needed additions, edits, etc. Final changes are made to the curriculum and the content outline workbooks are then produced based on approved curriculum.

  7. The training is delivered by a professional trainer.
Our out-of-the-box customer service training program with only minor edits can be ready to deliver in 4 weeks. Customized customer service training can be ready to deliver in 4-6 weeks.

Call 720-722-2494 TODAY for a free phone consultation or schedule a FREE online demo of our customer service training.

The Voice Customer Service Training is located in metro Denver, CO. We provide in-person customer service training workshops for Denver metro, Colorado, and the U.S. Additional travel fees apply outside of Denver metro.