The Voice Customer Experience believes the customer experience (CX) can make or break a business. Customer experience is a newer strategy that many larger organizations have the budget to hire high-priced outside consulting firms or have full-time staff in customer experience roles. We believe businesses who cannot afford the high-priced consulting firms or staff should have an edge, too. In fact, we love working with small to medium businesses on customer experience.

The Voice Customer Experience loves working with organizations who know the importance of having a referral marketing strategy, but without positive customer experiences, referral marketing will dwindle. They understand how referral marketing can be the lowest cost, fastest sales cycle and best closing ratio marketing strategy. Our best clients also believe that part of the company culture must include providing exceptional internal customer service. They have a Richard Branson mindset about employees, knowing the way they treat their employees is how their employees will treat their customers.

Client pain points that The Voice CX can fix:

  • Customer satisfaction is suffering. The organization is seeing more negative online reviews.

  • An organization has experienced growth, but with that growth the organization has started to hear more negative feedback from customers.

  • An organization who is spending a good deal of marketing budget and not getting the results they would expect with qualified inquiries.

  • An organization may have noticed their customer retention rate is not as high as it used to be. 

CX Consulting Services & Process

Positive customer experiences needs to happen at every touchpoint along the customer journey - in their marketing, on their website, with the salesforce, during fulfillment, through the billing process, with customer service follow-up, when making repeat purchases and being appreciated for the referrals the customer provides.

Beth Boen, Founder of The VOICE Customer Experience has more than 30 years experience in marketing, sales and customer service. Her well-rounded experience provides her with the knowledge to examine your customers' experiences. Through use of mystery shoppers, customer surveys, and various other ways, Beth Boen is able to quickly pinpoint gaps in the customer experience. A plan is provided to fix the gaps and tracking systems are put into place.

Here's how we can help:

  • Customer journey mapping - identifying the path your prospects and customers take in making a decision to buy, keep buying and referring to your organization.

  • Touchpoint evaluations and recommendations - we'll identify gaps, possible disconnects and customer dissatisfaction by looking at every touchpoint. We'll look at marketing collaterals, website, social media, the customer interactions with your staff, fulfillment/delivery, billing, and more!

  • Customer satisfaction surveys - useful data can be collected by surveys, online reviews, testimonials and even one-on-one customer interviews.
  • Secret shopper evaluations - let The Voice CX pose as a prospect customer to see how the customer experience is in the inquiry sales stage. We can also evaluate through an actual purchase.

  • Competition analysis - The Voice CX will evaluate what the competition is doing better than your organization and what are you doing better than your competition to provide a positive customer experience. The Voice CX can mystery shop your competition to gain useful insights.

  • Target market review - identifying ideal client personas is most helpful to make sure your marketing messaging connects and provides a positive customer experience.

  • Customer retention analysis - how many customers turn into repeat customers. Find out why those who leave and go elsewhere do so.

  • Customer loyalty and advocacy - those customers who love doing business with your organization can be a powerful marketing machine. We'll provide tactics to turn these customers into amazing referral partners!
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