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Our new, downloadable, turn-key customer service training manual and kit is now completely customizable and editable. Additionally, in 2019, the customer service training curriculum, workbook, and scripts was updated with new content. The downloadable customer service training kit has all the training content you need to conduct your own customer service training program.

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Our customer service training manual and kit is over 200 pages/slides and includes the following electronic documents:

  • Fully editable PowerPoint Presentation - this 8 module training presentation includes 89 slides. You will be able to make changes to the slides to customize it for your business.

  • Fully editable and printable participant workbook - this 49 page content outline workbook helps participants retain more information by filling in the blanks.

  • PDF instructor's customer service training manual - this 18 page manual includes information on how to prepare for the training, a supply and equipment checklist, how to hire a mystery shopping company to evaluate training needs, and how to use all the components of your training material.

  • Fully editable instructor script and workbook - this easy to use, 50 page instructor script follows the PowerPoint Presentation and the participant's workbook. You will know exactly what to say and the scripts make it easy to transition fluently from slide-to-slide.

  • Exercises to make your training fun and participative - provided in the electronic documents are all the exercises you can print off, as well as instructions on how to conduct each engaging exercise.
  • Printable PDF participant pre-training, self-assessment form - engage your participants before the training with this self-assessment form. Not only does the form ask participants to rank their customer service skills, but it also asks them what they think their training needs are. An accompanying spreadsheet for the instructor's use is provided to input their individual scores. The spreadsheet scoring system provides a score for the employee and contrasts it with their overall perception of how well they think they perform.

  • Editable and printable certificate of completion template - show your appreciation to participants by providing each person with a certificate of completion. Certificates are editable so you can add your company logo, participant's names and the names of the company representatives who are providing the training.
  • Editable and printable self-improvement form - follow up is the key to any training. With our simple self-improvement form, employees can work with their supervisors to make needed improvements.

  • Editable and printable class evaluation form - if you are buying this kit, chances are you see the need for ongoing training with the attrition of employees. The class evaluation form will help you to make subsequent training programs better.

Price: $397 - includes up to 1 hour of phone consultation time and/or editing time.


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System requirement for these electronic documents include:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation 97 or newer
  • Microsoft Word 97 or newer
  • Microsoft Excel Workbook

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