For smaller organizations who have just one or two people answering the phones, we can provide a customized training that zeros in on specific challenges the staff is having.

One-On-One Customer Service Training

Sometimes an organization may have a specific employee who is struggling to provide exceptional customer service. Perhaps the employer has counseled the employee and there is still no improvement. The Voice Customer Service Training has had success coming in as a third party to coach and train employees who are struggling. Our process includes:

  • A phone consultation with the supervisor to discuss their assessment of what training is needed for the employee.
  • The Voice Customer Service Training will conduct up to two mystery shops to further evaluate the individual's training needs.
  • Trainer and Founder, Beth Boen then delivers a two hour, one-on-one training focused on the areas that need improvement, which can also include discussing results of the mystery shops.
  • The trainer then spends up to an additional 30 minutes to debrief the client on how the training went.
  • This package includes providing the client with all the customer service training materials on a thumb drive for future use.

Priced at $697 ($597 without mystery shopping)* 

The Voice Customer Service Training also has experience working with employees who may be on a performance plan to correct their customer service challenges. We treat employees with dignity and respect, asking them questions to help them open up to the training.

The Voice Customer Service Training will customize any package to what the client needs. Please contact us to discuss your particular circumstances and training needs.

*Price does not include any edits to the out-of-the-box curriculum. Workbooks are not included, but print outs of the PowerPoint slides are provided. If you desire these add-on items, please contact us for a price quote.