Phone Mystery Shopper
We provide phone, email, and online contact form mystery shopper services

Are you paying someone outside your company to make the phone ring, bring in foot traffic or get visitors to your website?

If someone other than you is handling the interaction with prospects, check out our mystery shopper service. You’ll soon know if you’re getting a positive return on your marketing investment.

The problem with many mystery shopper services is they only measure.

What do you do with those measurements? How do you interrupt that data? How does that mystery shopper know how to recognize missed revenue opportunities with sales conversions and the lack of an exceptional customer service experience if they are not experienced in sales and customer service? Most mystery shoppers are just trained to capture the data on a form. You need a mystery shopper service that will recognize the opportunities for revenue and make actionable recommendations for training. The Voice Customer Experience provides that kind of consulting with every mystery shop.

How to Evaluate a Mystery Shopper Service:
  1. How is their customer service? Before The Voice Customer Experience provided mystery shopper services, we outsourced this function. However, in our effort to contact mystery shopper companies we found that many had bad customer service during our inquiry process. The phone was answered unprofessionally, the employee taking our inquiry had an attitude of indifference, upon leaving a message our call was not returned, they were not transparent in their pricing, the representative was not courteous or knowledgeable, the list goes on. We concluded that if they didn't know how to have the best customer service in their own business, then how could they evaluate if another business was doing a good job? Not all mystery shopper companies were like this, but surprisingly many were. Like us, if you do not have a positive customer experience in shopping for a mystery shopper service, then that is probably a company who really doesn't understand what to look for in a mystery shop.

  2. What is included in their report? The Voice Customer Experience believes in taking the data collected in the mystery shop and putting it into actionable recommendations for improvement. Why can we do that? Our founder and trainer who reviews every mystery shop, has more than 30 years of combined experience in sales and customer service. Beth Boen knows how to recognize opportunities for improvements that could add thousands to your bottom line. Our phone mystery shoppers record the call (as allowed by state laws), fill out their report, then EVERY call or online shop is further listened to and evaluated by Beth Boen. Make sure your investment in mystery shopper services is handled with this much care.

  3. What are you paying for? Many mystery shopping companies charge extra for fancy bells and whistles like a website with a client login and fancily designed reports making the data the focus of the report. The Voice Customer Experience believes the bells and whistles are not what provides a return on investment for our clients. We provide professional reports and recorded calls sent directly to the client without the hassles of having to login to a website. We also customized our mystery shopper evaluation forms and scenarios for our clients without those costs being passed on to our clients. We believe the effort should be in providing actionable recommendations from the data collected that will provide a return on investment!
Our Expertise Allows Us to Identify:
  • Missed sales opportunities
    78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.
    Source: American Express Survey, 2011

  • Customer frustration points that leads to lost customers
    In 2011, 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience.
    Source: Customer Experience Impact Report by Harris Interactive/RightNow

  • Opportunities to make customers referral partners instead of spreading bad word-of-mouth advertising
    Americans tell an average of 9 people about good experiences, and tell 16 (nearly two times more) people about poor experiences.
    Source: American Express Survey, 2011
Types of mystery shopper services offered:
 Mystery Shopper FAQ's

If you have staff answering your organization's phone and they handle inquiries for purchasing your product or service, or customer inquiries and/or complaints, then phone mystery shopping is a good fit. If someone other than yourself receives the online contact or email inquiries, then online mystery shopping is a good fit.

Doing one-off mystery shops are not the most effective. If you only do one shop, a person could be having an off day. A better measurement is to see how they perform consistently. We recommend no less than three mystery shops (our Benchmark Pack) for a single staff member answering your phones. It is good to take an initial benchmark, then train as needed, then perform additional mystery shops to see how the training is being utilized. Additionally, one-off mystery shops tend to be more expensive, because the set-up cost to customize the scenario and mystery shopper form is spread over one call, instead of three or more calls.

Yes. With today's technology, there are many affordable phone systems that record calls. These calls can then be reviewed by a supervisor. Also, other phone systems allow for supervisors to listen in on active calls without the customer ever knowing. If researching these phone systems are of interest to you, please visit our trusted partners page.

We recommend that you do tell them. Under-performing employees may be a little upset, but it should put them on their best behavior. Tell them you are doing it to identify any areas for training and to recognize outstanding performers. Also, some state laws require that you tell employees if you are going to be recording phone calls.

Yes. Dealing with difficult customers is one area many people struggle. Having a mystery shopper that is difficult can show you the areas needed for training.

Give us a call at 303-981-1541 or fill out our contact form for a complimentary phone consultation. There are some industries in which mystery shopping can be difficult or require a specific area of expertise. We will give you our honest opinion and if we are not the right fit, we may know someone who is.

We provide an initial complimentary phone consultation to make sure we have the right experience to perform your mystery shopper calls and to determine what your needs are (amount of calls, purpose of your making mystery shopper calls, etc.) Then we submit an estimate based on our standard pricing sheet. You will be asked to submit our scenarios form which outlines the information we need to conduct the calls. We discuss any customization to our call reporting form and any targeted calling you might want done on specific days, times, or with certain people. We schedule when the calls will begin and when they will be completed. We record all our calls (as allowed by law) and submit the recording and the report with actionable recommendations to make improvements via email. If desired, we schedule a follow up call to discuss next steps and answer any questions you have.

Please click here to view our standard pricing sheet.