One area we specialize in is doing competitive analysis mystery shops. With Founder, Beth Boen's experience in sales and marketing, she is able to provide great information on your competition my doing mystery shops.

What Competitive Mystery Shops Uncover:
  1. Competition pricing - if you ever wanted to know your competition's price, we can find that out for you.

  2. Effectiveness of the competition's advertising - One example is a client who had a competitor doing a direct mail campaign with an incredible offer. The Voice Customer Experience, called as a prospective customer and was able to find out that the mailer was not working for the competitor.

  3. Your competitors' strengths - knowing what your competition is doing really well that sets them apart is important intelligence. You can pick up pointers and get ideas for your business.

  4. Your competitors' weaknesses - knowing what your competition is doing poorly can help you do it much better.

  5. Your unique sales proposition - knowing what your competition does can help you write truly compelling brand messaging that will help your business stand out from your competition.

Competitive Mystery Shopper Pricing:

$225 for 3 competitive mystery shops includes:

  • Up to 30 minute consultation call to understand your business, your competitors and what you want to find out about your competitors.
  • Recorded phone calls where allowed by law.
  • Evaluation report on each competitor, including their strength and weaknesses identified in the calls.
  • Up to a 15 minute phone call debriefing to go over competitive evaluation report.
  • Each additional competitive call is $70.

In-person competitive mystery shops can be done, but are priced based on the needs of the competitive information requested. If you want to find something out about your competition, we can brainstorm exactly how to get that information. Contact us for more information.