The Voice Customer Experience provides recorded phone mystery shops (recording laws vary by state).

Our process:

  1. Our founder and professional trainer, Beth Boen will discuss what information you want gathered on the mystery shop and compare it to our mystery shopper evaluation form. The form is then customized to meet your needs.

  2. Once we know what information you want collected, together we determine the best scenario(s) to get that information.

  3. We will let you know what your state laws are regarding recording phone calls. It is still always best to let your staff know that you are starting an ongoing mystery shopper program in order to identify training needs and to recognize outstanding performance. Let them know that the company hired will be recording the calls.

  4. The mystery shopper calls are then made by professionally trained mystery shoppers. In cases where only one shopper is needed and the risk of the same voice being recognized is not present, Beth Boen will conduct these calls. In the case of multiple mystery shopper calls being made in a short time frame and the possibility of the same person answering the phone exists, Beth Boen will train other mystery shoppers as needed to conduct the calls.

  5. Once the call is recorded and all the data is gathered, Beth Boen reviews all the data and provides actionable recommendations to re-train staff in areas needed. She will also provide recognition for best practices in her report.

  6. The recorded call and report is then emailed to the client. When clients receive these reports, they are always welcome to contact us to further discuss our recommendations report.

Call us at 303-981-1541 or contact us to discuss how mystery shopping can provide new revenue opportunities for your organization.