We can help many different types of businesses with mystery shopping. We also have extensive experience in the following areas.
  • In-bound sales departments - with our founder and trainer's extensive experience in sales and sales training, providing mystery shop evaluations for sales departments is an area in which The Voice Customer Experience can provide valuable feedback and actionable recommendations.

  • Call centers - With experience running call centers, The Voice Customer Experience's founder, Beth Boen can provide great insights and valuable feedback for call centers.

  • Business to Business services - whether your organization provides technology solutions, accounting services, payroll services, marketing services, losing an inquiry due to poor customer service and/or sales skills can cost your organization thousands of dollars. Our mystery shoppers are experienced in posing as a decision maker for a business who is shopping for business services.

  • Media and advertising sales - Our founder, Beth Boen has extensive experience in both media buying and selling advertising, which make The┬áVoice Customer Experience a great fit to mystery shop media and advertising salespeople.

  • Senior services - Be it senior living, in-home care, or downsizing and organization services, we have the experience to customize the scenarios and ask the right questions to see if your staff is doing what it takes to convert those inquiries into sales.

  • Home services - We are experienced mystery shopping for any home service, be it landscaping, painting, plumbing, remodeling and many others. We know how to pose as a homeowner seeking these services.

  • Health & Wellness - Mystery shopper prospective patient inquiries are something we do really well. We can help with medical and dental offices, and other health and wellness services.

  • Pet services - It takes an animal lover to understand how to be a mystery shopper for pet services. For many individuals, their pets are part of their family and finding the right vet, groomer, dog walker, pet sitter or boarding service is determined on that initial inquiry phone call.

  • Competitive shops - If you ever wanted to find out what your competition is up to, we have the experience to find out valuable intelligence, from pricing and advertising effectiveness to your competitions' strengths and weaknesses.

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