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The Voice Customer Experience believes in striving for 100% customer satisfaction, so we provide a complimentary phone consultation and for those inquiring about The Voice Customer Service Training program, we provide a FREE online demo of exactly what is in the curriculum and how it can be customized. Total transparency is what The Voice Customer Service Training offers. Something else about The VOICE Customer Experience is if they don't believe their customer experience consulting and/or customer service training curriculum will meet the needs of your organization, they will let you know and try to help refer you on to someone who may be better suited to meet your organization's needs.


"The Voice CST provided our company a tailored training/workshop to better serve our customers! The personal touch that Beth provided during our workshop helped our team collaboratively work through real customer situations and provided multifaceted approaches for handling those tough situations. This customer service training equipped the entire team with a toolkit that has provided them a new confidence to be able to better serve our customers even while on the toughest of service calls. Our company promise is that "Once you are a customer, you are a customer for life!" - and the training Beth provided no doubt will help us keep that promise!"

Amanda Cromar

"The VOICE Customer Experience has given us great advice to grow our business. One of the best pieces of advice was to get an answering service. We provide promotional products and when prospects call, they want to talk to someone right then and there. If we are not available to answer the phone, we could lose the sale and the prospect goes on to the next promotional products company on their list. Contracting with an answering service has paid for itself many times over and produced thousands of dollars in additional revenue."

Suzanne Mitchell
Zamar Screen Printing, Inc.

"I am privileged to have gotten to know Beth, her work, and her professionalism via SHE Leads Group, a dynamic networking group. Beth is incredibly professional and is passionate about helping companies to create a culture of superior customer service.

A talented author and trainer, Beth offers customized training for every level of your business. She can even do mystery shopping assessments to help you pinpoint issues within your organization and find solutions for righting the problems.

The Voice Customer Experience is an incredible resource and a business necessity."

Kelley Del Duca
Impressions Print and Mail

"Thank you so much. I must tell you again, your mystery shops and customer service training was awesome and with so much depth."

Jonnelle Leimbach, Owner
Adeste In-Home Care

"Beth is extremely professional and knowledgeable. One of the biggest challenges for customer service is dealing with difficult customers. Beth addressed this problem in depth, tailored our customer service training specifically for our business."

Sue Carlton, Technology Support Services Manager
Denver Museum of Nature & Science

"In 2008, we saw an increase in customer sales preferences for both online and on the phone. Responding to that, we engaged Beth Boen to lend her expertise. Results were AMAZING! Beth helped us “raise the bar” on establishing customer service standards, procedures, training and a cultural shift. Her direction helped us increase revenue, decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction."

MaryAnn Stack, Director of Technology Development
Denver Museum of Nature & Science

I recently used the Turn-key Customer Service Training Kit for my team. I found the kit easy to customize for my business needs. What surprised me was, despite the fact that we are a very niche market, much of the content applied and required very little editing. As the presenter, I felt that the kit had all the tools I needed to be prepared, organized, efficient, and still present with relevance to my business. I asked for 1 sentence from a random selection of my team with a lead off of “The Customer Service Training…”, they responded:

“… we received was easy to follow and relevant.”
“… was concise and helpful!”
“… helped us streamline our responses and work more fluidly as a team.”
“… perfectly blended the relevance of today’s communication expectations with tried and true professional standards.”
“… was engaging and easy to understand.”

I highly recommend this kit for the leader who would like to further unify their team with this ready-to-use customer service training! Thank you to The Voice Customer Service Training for this excellent kit which helped us to increase our already high customer service standards!

Beth Bogan, Owner
Ace Chat

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The Voice Customer Experience is located in metro Denver, CO. We provide in-person customer service training workshops for Denver metro, Colorado, and the U.S. Additional travel fees apply outside of Denver metro.